Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to CLOSE our retail store for at least the coming season. It was an uphill battle to find a new location in Summit County that would work for us, and in the end we failed. We hope to keep the YouTube work going and see where that takes us, and we may try to revisit the retail side in the future. ALL OF OUR LEFTOVER INVENTORY IS CURRENTLY UP FOR LIQUIDATION, INCLUDING NEW AND DEMO SKIS! Please email AvantAlpine@gmail.com for more info. Thanks so much for your support!

Check out our tour of the Sego Ski Co factory!

About a month ago, we drove all the way to Victor, Idaho to meet with the Sego guys, pick up some of our demo skis, and tour their production facility. 

We were finally able to finish editing the video the other day, which is posted below. These guys take a lot of pride in building their skis by hand right there in Idaho, just on the other side of the pass from Jackson Hole. They'll be expanding their facility soon to scale for higher production numbers and also bring more of the production process under the same roof. Stay tuned for a follow-up video whenever that facility is finished!

We'd like to thank the Sego Team for being one of our earliest partners in this new business/project, and for being good sports as we gradually trial-and-error our way awkwardly along the path to video production mastery. You guys rock!