Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to CLOSE our retail store for at least the coming season. It was an uphill battle to find a new location in Summit County that would work for us, and in the end we failed. We hope to keep the YouTube work going and see where that takes us, and we may try to revisit the retail side in the future. ALL OF OUR LEFTOVER INVENTORY IS CURRENTLY UP FOR LIQUIDATION, INCLUDING NEW AND DEMO SKIS! Please email AvantAlpine@gmail.com for more info. Thanks so much for your support!

This is Progress, Right?

One of the most difficult things about starting a new business is mapping the steps. You're never going to get this exactly right, and new priorities are always going to pop up just when you think you've got the next few weeks all figured out. 

Another massive, massive difficulty is time management. You have to balance the needs of your new business with whatever you're doing that actually makes money, and you have to give both of these things an honest effort at virtually all times. Your new business never sleeps, and your day job most likely won't accept that your performance could suffer because you're working on a side project. You don't want to let yourself down, and you don't want to put the source of your current livelihood in jeopardy because you're over-committing to your new business. 

However, every now and then you get overloaded, and you have to step back. You can't see the forest for the trees, so to speak, so maybe it's time to go into the forest and and appreciate the trees...take time to re-evaluate and reset. 

So, late last week, we did that. We caught a lot of fish, and we realized that it was time to shift gears and give some attention to some pressing objectives when we got back to civilization. 

And then we started to build this website. 

Enjoy our upcoming progress posts, and check back frequently! We'll have more and more up here in the coming weeks as we work toward a September launch. 

Thanks for visiting!

Knox and John, Avant Alpine