Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to CLOSE our retail store for at least the coming season. It was an uphill battle to find a new location in Summit County that would work for us, and in the end we failed. We hope to keep the YouTube work going and see where that takes us, and we may try to revisit the retail side in the future. ALL OF OUR LEFTOVER INVENTORY IS CURRENTLY UP FOR LIQUIDATION, INCLUDING NEW AND DEMO SKIS! Please email AvantAlpine@gmail.com for more info. Thanks so much for your support!


The interface between boot and ski. Match the binding to your performance needs, and the brake width to your ski with (+/- 10mm). Remember, less brake overhang in the "up" position (when your boot is resting in the binding) means less chance of the binding catching the snow when you're laid over in a hard turn, so it's better to under-size your brakes than over-size them. 

This is an important piece of gear, folks. It's one of the primary factors that keeps you safe when you're out there pushing it on your new planks, so only buy quality. 

Thankfully, we only stock quality. 

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