Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to CLOSE our retail store for at least the coming season. It was an uphill battle to find a new location in Summit County that would work for us, and in the end we failed. We hope to keep the YouTube work going and see where that takes us, and we may try to revisit the retail side in the future. ALL OF OUR LEFTOVER INVENTORY IS CURRENTLY UP FOR LIQUIDATION, INCLUDING NEW AND DEMO SKIS! Please email AvantAlpine@gmail.com for more info. Thanks so much for your support!


Come see us at our new Frisco, CO location (310 Main Street, under Vinny's) or at one of our demo stops throughout the season and experience the difference that true try-before-you-buy ski testing can offer! We have THE BEST and most unique selection of cool, high-performance skis from rare brands in the whole state of Colorado, and our pricing is rock bottom!

Stop by our Frisco shop, OR follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see when we're doing an off-site demo event, OR just call or shoot us an email! If you're passing through the central I-70 corridor or skiing in Summit County or the Vail Valley, we will happily do our best to arrange a private demo and bring skis to your location! Whether it's for 2 people or 20+, we'd be happy to meet your party if we can swing it! Head on over to our Private Demos page for more info. 


Walk-in pricing is $50 per person, per day, for any available ski in our fleet (discounts available). Every demo day comes with a coupon for $50 off the listed purchase price of any ski we carry (sorry, cannot combine multiple days for this offer). Discounts ARE AVAILABLE for pre-paid and/or multi-day/group demos, CONTACT US to schedule ahead or CLICK HERE to pre-pay for your demo day(s) and save $$$!

Got a specific ski you want to test? Feel free to take it for the whole day, OR come back and swap for a different pair as many times as you want!


Want to make sure you have a chance to try a specific ski in our lineup? Email ahead for availability, and we'd be happy to hold any ski for you until 10AM on any given demo day for no extra charge. 

Private Events

Yes, we do private events! These are subject to availability and operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Please go to our Private Demos page for more info!

2017-18 Demo Fleet (more skis coming soon!)

Caravan Daily Driver, 178cm & 186cm

Caravan Shalien, 180cm

Caravan SB110, 176cm & 186cm

Caravan SB120, 183cm

Faction Candide 2.0, 178cm & 184cm

Faction Candide 3.0, 182cm

Faction Candide 4.0, 182cm

Faction Prime 2.0, 178cm (ALPINE BINDING ONLY)

Faction Prodigy 1.0, 176cm

Faction Prodigy 2.0, 178cm

Faction Prodigy 3.0, 186cm

Faction Dictator 2.0, 183cm

Faction Dictator 3.0, 182cm

Faction Heroine, 162cm

Faction Prodigy W, 168cm

Faction Supertonic, 176cm

Folsom Customs Catwalk, 163cm

Folsom Customs Completo, 181cm

Folsom Customs Trigger II, 184cm

Folsom Customs Primary, 186cm

J Skis The Allplay, 171cm & 184cm

J Skis The Friend, 180cm

J Skis The Masterblaster, 181cm

J Skis The Whipit, 164cm & 178cm

RMU Apostle 89, 185cm

RMU Apostle 98, 175cm & 185cm

RMU Apostle 106, 175cm

RMU North Shore 108, 175cm & 185cm

RMU North Shore 114, 185cm

RMU Valhalla 95, 162cm

RMU Valhalla 104, 162cm & 172cm

Sego Cleaver 102, 187cm

Sego Cleaver 88, 176cm

Sego Big Horn 96, 181cm

Sego Big Horn 106, 181cm

Sego Prospect 112, 181cm

Sego Tater Tot, 176cm & 187cm

Sego Sloppy Joe, 183cm

Sego UP Pro 92, 159cm & 167cm

Sego UP Pro 110, 167cm

Sego Gnarwhal, 165cm

Shaggy’s Hubbell 85 nanoMAG, 180cm

Shaggy’s Brockway 95, 174cm 

Shaggy’s Ahmeek 105, 180cm 

Shaggy’s Bootjack 115, 186cm 

Shaggy’s Belle 95, 156cm 

Shaggy’s Medora 105, 168cm